Stepping Behind the Pulpit

After six years of discernment, study, annual meetings with my presbytery’s committee on preparation and sessions, five ordination exams, an oral exam in front of another presbytery committee, and an examination on the floor of presbytery, I am now serving in my first parish as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

I’ve heard that word “pastor” in front of my name before, though, as I’ve worked in the hospital as a chaplain, as I’ve talked with patients and family members about their illness, their approaching death, and the meaning of life.  All of these things have prepared me in some ways to serve God in the church.

In other ways, they haven’t prepared me at all.

But that’s okay. Because I’m walking alongside a congregation that overflows with love for God and one another, that wants to become what God intends for them to be, that wants to serve each other and the world around them.  Together, we’ll figure it out.

This blog will include sermons as well as other musings that bubble up during our time together.  I invite you to share in our journey.  I invite you to use whatever you find here that will help you on your journey.  I only ask that you give credit where you should — it’s a small world, and it’s embarrassing for everyone when copycats are found out.

Blessings to you, wherever you are in your calling to serve God.  Pray for us, and for me as I enter my calling as a “later-in-life” pastor.

Terri Price

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