May 28, 2017 – Ascension Sunday/Acts 1:1-11 We don’t do waiting very well. Visit your local discount store, or stop in at the grocery store on your way home one evening, and you’ll probably join a group of folks in the check-out line who are grumbling and complaining.  The store should have more cashiers working,… Read More Waiting

Love: A Verb

May 21, 2017/John 14:15-21 It seemed odd, at nearly 50 years of age, suddenly to become an orphan.  My brother and I would talk about our feeling of being utterly alone and abandoned.  We compared it to sitting in a boat upon water that was glassy in its stillness, with no shoreline in sight, no… Read More Love: A Verb

Breaking of Bread

May 7, 2017-Fourth Sunday of Easter/Acts 2:42-47 A package of yeast.  Sugar and salt.  Warm water.  Flour and a little oil.  Just a handful of ingredients, some upper body strength to make kneading the dough a little easier, and a hot oven, and you have bread. A simple food, bread.  Every culture has bread of… Read More Breaking of Bread

Stay With Us

Third Sunday of Easter – April 30, 2017/Luke 24:13-35 They fail to recognize him. Two disciples walk along the seven-mile route between Jerusalem and Emmaus, their faces lined with fatigue and sorrow and their voices muted as they talk about him.  And when this stranger appears, who seems not to know any of the events… Read More Stay With Us