Who Is This?

January 28, 2018/Mark 1:21-28 Things happen fast in the Gospel of Mark.  Here we are, still in the first chapter of this gospel, and Jesus already is on the move.  Coming to Capernaum, he enters the synagogue and teaches.  Not so unusual, for a Jewish man new to town to teach a lesson in the… Read More Who Is This?

Gospel Time

January 21, 2018/Mark 1:14-20 I didn’t notice him at first.  It had been a long night, out on the water.  Our catch was good, but that meant heavy work hauling the net up from the sea, emptying the catch onto the boat, and sorting the good fish from the scrap.  By the time we got… Read More Gospel Time

When God Calls

January 14, 2018/I Samuel 3:1-20 The Bible is full of “call” stories – accounts of God’s claim on various people, God’s appointing of prophets and priests.  One of the earliest is that of Moses.  His story is epic and startling and lends itself to dramatic representation in art or movies.  You’ve got the simple shepherd… Read More When God Calls

My Beloved

January 7, 2018 – Baptism of the Lord/Mark 1:4-11 I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the birth of our first child, probably because that child now is expecting her first – who also will be a daughter.  When Jennifer joined us, in her own difficult and miraculous way, it certainly changed our life, as… Read More My Beloved

An Old Man’s Faith

December 31, 2017/1st Sunday after Christmas Isaiah 61:10-62:3/Luke 2:22-40 Mary and Joseph may have had an unusual introduction to parenthood, what with the virgin birth and angel visitations and all, but they were determined to be faithful Jewish parents.  When the infant boy was eight days old, they had him circumcised, according to the law… Read More An Old Man’s Faith