The Good Fight

September 29, 2019/I Timothy 6:6-19 Ordinary Time. It’s such a, well, ordinary name for a liturgical season.  Not nearly as exciting as Advent or Lent, Pentecost or Epiphany.  And green.  All that green.  I remember as a little girl watching my mother change the paraments in our little Presbyterian church.  Long weeks would pass before… Read More The Good Fight

Send Me

September 8, 2019/Psalm 139 and Isaiah 6:1-8 The Old Testament is filled with stories of persons called by God for a special assignment.  While the assignments varied greatly, each of the call stories followed a similar pattern.  God would speak to the individual through a dream or vision or perhaps a burning bush.  The person called… Read More Send Me

Shabbat Shalom

August 25, 2019/Luke 13:10-17 It started thousands of years ago.  Creating a world was hard work, even for God.  Separating light from darkness, gathering the waters apart from the dry earth, propagating plants, flinging stars and moon into the sky to light the night and the brilliant sun to light the day, creating all manner… Read More Shabbat Shalom

Sour Grapes

August 18, 2019/Isaiah 5:1-7 A beautifully aged bottle of pinot noir – that rich, red wine that sticks slightly to the sides of the glass, offering up a warm bouquet of sunshine and ripe fruit – takes time.  Winemaking is not glamorous, even though we like to think of it that way.  It can be… Read More Sour Grapes

Love Wins

August 4, 2019/Hosea 11:1-11 When did you last hold a baby?  A child younger than a year or so, before it developed that little-kid-running-and-playing dirty smell?  When the child in your arms smelled sweet, when the skin of her neck was smooth and unblemished, when his cheek rested against yours without hesitation or fear? I’ve… Read More Love Wins