Off Duty

July 22, 2018/Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 Finally, it is the weekend.  You’ve spent the last five – or six – days toiling away, working for just this moment.  A day off.  Time for yourself.  Time for a little rest and relaxation. You’ve earned it.  If you’re like the average American, you put in close to 40… Read More Off Duty

A Horror Story

July 15, 2018/Mark 6:14-29 What a party! Mark doesn’t tell us how old Herod Antipas was on this particular birthday.  It may have been one of those “special” birthdays – you know, one that ends in a “zero.”  Forty, perhaps.  Or fifty.  More like two, if you think about the birthday boy’s behavior. He is,… Read More A Horror Story

Only Believe

July 1, 2018/Mark 5:21-43 The only thing they had in common, other than their gender, was the passage of twelve years of living.  For the one, twelve years of life drawing to a close as illness pulled the shades on her hope for a future.  For the other, unnamed but clearly alone and poor and… Read More Only Believe

Seeing Clearly

June 17, 2018/I Samuel 15: 34-16:13 Children can be such a disappointment.  Just look at what happened with Samuel.  Chosen by God as a little boy to become the next great judge over Israel, he had served faithfully throughout his years.  He should have remembered why God chose him instead of one of Eli’s sons.… Read More Seeing Clearly


June 10, 2018/Mark 3:19b-35 We’ve probably all been called crazy at one time or another.  When I locked my keys in the car at Jeff’s parents’ house on a Sunday afternoon as we were preparing to return to Chapel Hill, they all called me crazy.  I’m sure when I went to seminary there were people… Read More Crazy

You Know Me

June 3, 2018/Psalm 139 It is early in the Gospel of Mark, but already the Pharisees are full of criticism for Jesus.  He doesn’t control his disciples properly.  He allows them to do unlawful things on the sabbath and then argues with the Pharisees when they point out his mistake.  He challenges the religious leaders… Read More You Know Me


May 27, 2018/Covenant Living: Love Unconditionally Luke 6:27-36 and John 15:12-14 Last Saturday – just a week ago – some 25 million people in the United States crawled out of bed early to “attend” the wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle.  I’ll bet some of you were among that number.  My son, the… Read More Agapē