In Christ Jesus

October 1, 2017/World Communion Sunday Philippians 2:1-13 Poor Moses. Every time he turns around, the Israelites are complaining about something else.  No matter that he brought them up out of the land of Egypt, breaking Pharaoh’s oppressive hold on them.  They seem to have forgotten about how the waters of the Red Sea separated for… Read More In Christ Jesus


September 3, 2017/Exodus 3:1-15 If you grew up in the church, you most likely heard the story of Moses and the burning bush.  You may have made a little construction paper bush with red paper flames shooting out of it – burning yet not consumed.  You may have thought, like I did, that it was… Read More I AM

The Mind of God

August 20, 2017/Matthew 15:21-28 This Jesus is hard to like. This Jesus is not the one we learned about in Sunday school, not the one who opened his arms in compassion and fed five thousand people, or sat on the mountain and blessed the poor in spirit and the mourners and the hungry and the… Read More The Mind of God

In the Deep End

August 13, 2017/Matthew 14:22-33 A year ago, when we visited our grandchildren in California, Kaeden flatly refused to jump into the pool with his dad.  No matter how much Christopher cajoled or prodded or dared him, it wasn’t happening.  Kaeden would step right up to the edge, his brow creased as he concentrated, and just… Read More In the Deep End

From Tiny Seed

July 30, 2017/Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 The first vines appeared in this country at the 1876 World’s Fair in Philadelphia.  They were tiny little plants, hiding deep in their green leaves the beautiful flowers they would boast in summer – and the rampant growth that would, in the end, condemn them to the burn pile. Kudzu… Read More From Tiny Seed