Sour Grapes

August 18, 2019/Isaiah 5:1-7 A beautifully aged bottle of pinot noir – that rich, red wine that sticks slightly to the sides of the glass, offering up a warm bouquet of sunshine and ripe fruit – takes time.  Winemaking is not glamorous, even though we like to think of it that way.  It can be… Read More Sour Grapes

Love Wins

August 4, 2019/Hosea 11:1-11 When did you last hold a baby?  A child younger than a year or so, before it developed that little-kid-running-and-playing dirty smell?  When the child in your arms smelled sweet, when the skin of her neck was smooth and unblemished, when his cheek rested against yours without hesitation or fear? I’ve… Read More Love Wins

Let It Shine

May 26, 2019/Revelation 21:10; 21:22-22:5 Last week we examined the earlier verses of Revelation, chapter 21.  We began to explore John’s vision of the new Jerusalem – the new heaven and the new earth coming out of heaven from God.  And we talked about how, in this Holy City, we will live in company with… Read More Let It Shine

The Holy City

May 19, 2019/Revelation 21:1-6 We’re stepping out into dangerous territory over the next three weeks.  Dangerous, because we’re diving into the climactic ending of the final book of the Bible, the Revelation to John – also known as the Apocalypse. This book is problematic for us Presbyterians because it has been hijacked by popular culture,… Read More The Holy City

Plain Talk

May 12, 2019/John 10:22-30 Our text this morning from the Gospel of John moves us backwards in time.  Perhaps it’s a little confusing today – four weeks out from Easter Sunday and rolled back stones and resurrection appearances – to be watching Jesus stroll through the Temple and be challenged by the folks around him… Read More Plain Talk