Be Happy

May 20, 2018/Covenant Living: Live Joyfully Luke 1:46-49; I Thessalonians 5:12-24 Thirty years ago, Bobby McFerrin donned a white suit and a fake Jamaican accent and, along with his good buddies Robin Williams and Bill Irwin, recorded a video for the song that would become the first a capello song to reach the Billboard “Hot 100”… Read More Be Happy

The Outstretched Hand

May 6, 2018 – Covenant Living: Serve Willingly/Mark 10:35-45 They had gathered to celebrate the Passover feast.  Before they could dip the first piece of bread into the date charoset, Jesus stood from the table, removed his outer robe, and tied a towel around his waist.  He filled a basin with water and, kneeling at one… Read More The Outstretched Hand

Dear God …

April 29, 2018/Covenant Living: Pray Faithfully Matthew 6:5-13 and I John 5:14-15 I have a dear friend with whom I can share pretty much anything happening in my life.  We talk regularly, and when time passes without a conversation, one of us will pick up the phone and say, “Hey girl!  What’s going on?”  The… Read More Dear God …

Just a Woman

April 8, 2018 – Celebrate the Gifts of Women/Acts 16:13-15 & Ephesians 4:1-6 Women were not high in social standing in Biblical times.  In the time of Abraham and Moses and the prophets, women were little more than second-class citizens.  A woman thrived based on the standing of the men in her life.  She depended on men… Read More Just a Woman

Who Are You?

March 30, 2018/Good Friday The supper is finished.  Jesus and the disciples have abandoned the table, leaving the dirty dishes and the crumbs of the meal behind.  Going out into the night, they will move ever closer to the cross. Who are you in this story?  Perhaps the three trusted friends, whom Jesus asks to… Read More Who Are You?

A Turning Point

March 25, 2018 – Palm Sunday/Mark 11:1-11 Parades are much more than floats and marching bands and smiling baton twirlers.  History shows us that, often times, a parade marks a turning point – a moment in time when the world changes direction, when the powerful are pushed aside and new power enters in.  Parades mark… Read More A Turning Point