The Holy City

May 19, 2019/Revelation 21:1-6 We’re stepping out into dangerous territory over the next three weeks.  Dangerous, because we’re diving into the climactic ending of the final book of the Bible, the Revelation to John – also known as the Apocalypse. This book is problematic for us Presbyterians because it has been hijacked by popular culture,… Read More The Holy City

Plain Talk

May 12, 2019/John 10:22-30 Our text this morning from the Gospel of John moves us backwards in time.  Perhaps it’s a little confusing today – four weeks out from Easter Sunday and rolled back stones and resurrection appearances – to be watching Jesus stroll through the Temple and be challenged by the folks around him… Read More Plain Talk

Call Me by Name

April 21, 2019/Easter Sunday John 20:1-18 Wasn’t it enough, seeing his agony on the cross – the thorny crown stabbing his brow, the nails piercing his feet and hands, the blood and water pouring from his side? The pain of those hours haunts me still, his wretched words – “I am thirsty” – and quenched… Read More Call Me by Name

Dirty Feet

April 18, 2019/Maundy Thursday John 13:1-35   I would be horrified, if He walked up the center aisle right now, towel tied around his waist basin of water in his hands and knelt at my feet my feet with the two dots of leftover polish on each big toe, the cracked heels and dry soles.… Read More Dirty Feet

Two Sons

March 31, 2019/Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32 There was a man who had two sons. Right away, we know that this story is going to have conflict.  The Bible is full of stories about two sons, and they’re full of problems and deceit and unfairness.  Cain and Abel?  Ishmael and Isaac?  Jacob and Esau?  In every one… Read More Two Sons

A Different Way

March 24, 2019/Luke 13:1-9 We Presbyterians have a problem with repentance. I’m not talking about the corporate kind of repentance we do every Sunday – the carefully worded prayer of confession that allows us to blend our voice with the voices around us, to tuck our sin in among that list of things done and… Read More A Different Way