Off Duty

July 22, 2018/Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 Finally, it is the weekend.  You’ve spent the last five – or six – days toiling away, working for just this moment.  A day off.  Time for yourself.  Time for a little rest and relaxation. You’ve earned it.  If you’re like the average American, you put in close to 40… Read More Off Duty

A Horror Story

July 15, 2018/Mark 6:14-29 What a party! Mark doesn’t tell us how old Herod Antipas was on this particular birthday.  It may have been one of those “special” birthdays – you know, one that ends in a “zero.”  Forty, perhaps.  Or fifty.  More like two, if you think about the birthday boy’s behavior. He is,… Read More A Horror Story

Only Believe

July 1, 2018/Mark 5:21-43 The only thing they had in common, other than their gender, was the passage of twelve years of living.  For the one, twelve years of life drawing to a close as illness pulled the shades on her hope for a future.  For the other, unnamed but clearly alone and poor and… Read More Only Believe